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EOF Counselors are currently working on a hybrid schedule. Once you are assigned an EOF Counselor, you may schedule an appointment using the Navigate App or the Run4Success website. Use the guide below to determine when your EOF Counselor is in the office and when they are only available through zoom. Once you schedule an appointment, the meeting details will be emailed to your scarletmail.

For questions, please email your EOF Counselor. If you are unsure who your EOF Counselor is, you can email

Darlene Brown (973) 353-3561 Room 105 Office: Mon, Tues, Wed
Zoom: Thurs
Tamara Williams (973) 353-3555 Room 107 Office: Tues, Wed, Fri
Zoom: Mon, Thurs
Victor Murphy Jr. (973) 353-3556 Room 104 Office: Tues, Thurs, Fri
Zoom: Mon, Wed
Jaquil White (973) 353-3996 Room 108 Office: Mon, Tues, Wed
Zoom: Thurs, Fri